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In the last decade the Web has penetrated almost every aspect of our life. Solutions first intended for the web usage only now get into other fields of computer technologies. One of the most amazing inventions of the modern Web is a tag cloud. And apparently such a great idea simply couldn’t pass unnoticed. We’re sure - almost every web user asked himself at least once – why in the hell I don’t have something like that on my local computer? Why can’t I tag my documents too, just like I do in blogs or forums?

Tags4Docs is a software variation of its Web 2.0 sister. This tool allows to create a number of tags and associates them with documents on your computer, whether they are texts, spread-sheets or video presentations. The convenient thing about tags is that you don’t have to remember the name of a document or where it is located, so whenever you need to locate it you can do this virtually in a minute. Tags4Docs assigns tags for documents in natural language, basing on the contents of a document. Such approach ensures you never forget the associated tags. Indeed, if you know what the document is about, you know the tags as well.

Tags4Docs main window

You can assign many tags to a single document to make it easier to find. Let’s say you don’t remember the name of a file, but you know for sure it was a text about recent changes in the tax regulation. So you click the tags “text”, “2010”, “taxes” and here it is – the document you need. Another trick is to assign a tag to some folder which is a huge time saver when you have a lot of similar documents in the same folder.

What else to say? Tags4Docs is a killer product to make your everyday work way easier. Assign tags for documents and search through them not worrying about their actual location or filenames!

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