Tags4Docs updated to version 1.1

We are glad to announce the new Tags4Docs 1.1!

With the new version you can organize your documents even more efficiently than ever. Here is a brief synopsis of the recent changes:

  • The resulting sample of documents gained via the tagging mechanism still can enlist quite a few entries. Now you can navigate through documents filtered with tags more conveniently, because you can sort them by name, file type, modify date and so on. Finding the exact document you need is a matter of seconds now!
  • The Details view mode now shows all tags associated with a document.
  • The tag cloud was changed a bit to make it easier to scroll through a small-sized tags. The tag cloud is a unique Tags4Docs way to organize documents. It takes all tags associated with documents on your computer and builds a cloud of them very similar to the web based tag cloud that you could see on almost any Web 2.0 powered website. If you need to locate some particular document then, you simply click tags in the tag cloud and refine the entire heap of documents on your computer to a small group where you can pick the desired document in a second.
  • Tags4Docs now allows you to distinguish local documents from the ones shared via the network.
  • The new version also includes many small changes in the interface making the work with the program more smooth and intuitive.

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