Organize your documents easily

When I was a student, I had to work with really enormous amounts of documents: articles, dissertations, MathCAD calculations, thousands of graphic and statistical charts and scores of PowerPoint presentations. I nearly sank in that volume of documents! I remember it often took 15 minutes just to find the document I needed. File names usually told me nothing. I dreamed of a way to tag documents somehow, to make them easier to find.

Alas, I graduated long before I finally found the solution: Tags4Docs. This nifty tool scans over the documents on the computer and allows assigning tags for documents – just what I was looking 10 years ago. I simply describe the contents of a document in simple plain words, like “presentation”, “quarterly report”, “salary 2010” and so on, and Tags4Docs links the chosen documents to these tags. Then, whenever I need to find something, I merely select the tags with the mouse and the tool presents all of the associated documents to my eyes! Another trick I like is: I assign a certain tag to a folder, and all documents within get this tag too. Quite handy when you have many documents of the same theme in one place.

Assigning tags for documents works like a well-known across the Web “tag cloud” feature – you click a tag and it filters the content of a blog to what is appropriate to this tag. Documents are like blog content here, except that they can reside anywhere on your computer, you don’t even have to remember where exactly.

To summarize everything, Tags4Docs is a simple and user-friendly tool to create tags for documents and search through them in a minute whenever you need to locate some particular one. You don’t need to know neither the name of a file, nor its path. If you know what that file is about – this is enough to find it, and that is the most amazing thing about this tool.

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